We leverage our Aerospace & Defense industry knowledge, insights and relationships to craft and execute effective buy-side campaigns. Janes Capital Partners has significant expertise in developing and conducting targeted or broad buy-side acquisition strategies, depending on our client’s strategic needs. Our professionals can assist and provide value throughout every step of the process.

Strategic Development

Refine characteristics of an ideal acquisition target, utilizing the specific criteria provided by our client. Develop target search strategy that encompasses our current relationships, presence at industry events and global reach. Produce marketing materials to assist with the target introduction.

Acquisition Screening

Screen and review potential target profiles for fit, including current ownership structure. Prioritize and approve targets with our client.

Target Approach

Make initial contact with targets and position our client as the buyer of choice. Solicit and review initial diligence information to further assess fit, suitability and timing. Draft and submit Indication of Interest.

Detailed Analysis

Provide modeling, valuation and financial analysis support. Coordinate and attend site visits and management meetings. Further delve into target-specific objectives and nuances. Organize diligence information in an electronic data room and facilitate any additional required Q&A.

Engagement & Transaction Support

Draft, submit and negotiate Letter of Intent. Assist in final due diligence process and negotiations of the purchase agreement. Close the transaction, while maintaining focus on an optimal outcome for our client.