Our objective in every sell-side M&A assignment is to prepare our clients for the rigors of a disciplined and thorough process to ensure an optimal outcome. We bring decades of deal experience to our clients and guide them through every phase of the process. Sell-side advisory for Aerospace & Defense companies is the cornerstone of our practice.

Pre-Market Preparation

Understand our client’s objectives – personal, financial, timing, confidentiality and valuation expectations – to ensure process readiness. Develop customized marketing materials, tailored to specific situations and/or buyers.


Identify and contact the most relevant strategic and financial buyers, both domestic and international, while maintaining the confidentiality of the process. Clearly and concisely articulate the unique value proposition of our client to each counterparty.


Manage all aspects of due diligence to limit process disruptions and distractions, enabling management to focus on running the business.

Negotiating & Closing

Negotiate the best value and terms to satisfy our client’s transaction objectives.