In a single transaction, we help our clients realize the value, heritage and legacy of what they have built over a lifetime. Our goal is to facilitate a successful outcome that suits our client’s needs and maintains the integrity of our client’s legacy.

“We would like to express our thanks to Janes Capital Partners for their hard work and professionalism. They did an outstanding job guiding us through the M&A process and facilitating a successful transaction. They really understood our business, knew how to position it, who to talk to and why? The outcome comfortably met our expectations and we could not be happier as we partner with Cadrex and CORE Industrial Partners going forward.”

Robert Peha - Founder and Co-President, IDL Precision Machining

“Janes Capital Partners provided us with expert guidance and leadership throughout the transaction process. The JCP team brought us a number of attractive options, including GC Atlas. We chose GC Atlas due to their in-depth knowledge of our business, shared vision and their willingness to actively participate in driving Cascade’s future growth strategy.”

Dirk Ellis - Founder and President, Cascade Engineering Technologies

“Janes Capital was absolutely essential in finding us the right partner. Their expert guidance throughout the process ensured that Argon was presented to potential buyers in the best possible light. We are very pleased and excited to be a part of Spectra and the Vance Street platform.”

Mike Forde - COO, Argon and now President, ArgonFDS

“Janes Capital Partners provided excellent support throughout the transaction, going above and beyond in many cases to help achieve an outstanding outcome. We were impressed by the team’s industry expertise, professionalism and dedication that were instrumental in delivering maximum shareholder value.”

Bill Shipman - Chief Executive Officer, IntelliPower

“Janes Capital Partners managed the transaction process extremely well, offering invaluable guidance and support throughout. The team’s industry experience and professionalism were instrumental in securing such an outstanding result for Matrix Composites.”

Paul Oppenheim - Chief Operating Officer, Matrix Composites

“Janes Capital Partners maintained an efficient and competitive process, while offering excellent support throughout. The team’s industry experience and professionalism was instrumental in securing the best outcome for the LDS team, as we join Ducommun, and achieving great value for the shareholders.”

Dave Wilmot - President, Lightning Diversion Systems

“Partnering with Zodiac, PPP will be in an ideal position to further develop the market for single-use oxygen sources.  This outcome is truly outstanding and speaks highly of the Janes Capital Partners’ team’s unmatched M&A expertise, tireless effort and invaluable guidance and counsel. The firm’s extensive knowledge of the Aerospace & Defense industry was self evident.”

Francois Vigier - Owner, Pacific Precision Products

“For an Aerospace & Defense company owner, I would strongly recommend working with Janes Capital Partners. They are well known and highly respected in the industry, and have deep relationships with the right decision makers throughout the industry. The senior team members ensured that our transaction was at the top of the pile and was given the proper amount of attention.”

Chris Hunter - Chief Executive Officer, Special Devices, Inc.

“Janes Capital Partners worked diligently to deliver a favorable outcome. They ran a thorough and organized sale process, providing creative solutions to complex issues. Our company was well served by their professionalism, knowledge and connections within the Aerospace & Defense industry.”

Burt Rutan - Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, Scaled Composites, Inc.

“We have had a long-term relationship with Janes Capital Partners. They patiently worked with us to ensure that our unique shareholder objectives were achieved. They are high integrity bankers who consistently provide objective and thoughtful advice. We look forward to working with them again.”

Brad Hart - President, Roberts Tool Company

“Janes Capital Partners exceeded our high expectations in every way.  From start to finish, they were singularly focused on ensuring the transaction closed with the right buyer at the right valuation.”

Christopher Lewis - Managing Director, RLH Equity Partners

“Janes Capital Partners proved to be an invaluable resource in facilitating the sale of one of our business units. The firm’s extensive knowledge of the Aerospace & Defense industry was self evident.  They provided a comprehensive list of prospective acquirers, developed analytical and instructive presentation materials and negotiated diligently on our behalf.”

Jon Marten - Corporate Treasurer, Parker Hannifin

“Janes Capital Partners is a recognized name in the aerospace & defense middle-market M&A community. They are creative, tenacious and skillful deal makers  who focus on seeing that their clients are successful.”

Joseph P. Bellino - Chief Financial Officer, Ducommun, Inc.

“Janes Capital Partners did an outstanding job representing us on the sale of our company. They are very knowledgeable bankers with high integrity and a great network.”

Jeff Hynes - President, Composite Horizons, Inc.

“The Janes Capital Partners team was great to work with. Their industry knowledge, M&A experience and professionalism was invaluable in completing this complex transaction and creating a successful outcome.  They treated our sale process with considerable care and attention, were with us at every turn and left no detail, no matter how small, to chance.”

Mike Fournier - Chief Technology Officer, Composite Engineering, Inc.

“I sat across the table from Janes Capital Partners and was impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and integrity. They are experienced bankers and go the extra mile for their clients.”

Dina Hyde - Vice President & General Manager, Boeing Frontier Systems

“The Janes Capital Partners team was 100% dedicated in ensuring a successful outcome to our transaction. Not only was the team available and responsive 24/7, but the senior-level attention was clear from the start and helped us navigate challenging, industry-specific issues that required true expertise.”

Omar Khan - Vice President & General Manager, Astro Spar, Inc.

“The Janes Capital Partners team applied industry and process expertise to examine the potential buyers that allowed us to zero in on the perfect buyer for this complex business.  The JCP deal team worked actively with the AMPAC team to bring this deal to a successful conclusion.”

Joe Carleone - Chief Executive Officer, American Pacific Corp.

“Janes Capital Partners provided unmatched, hands-on, senior-level attention throughout our transaction.  The team worked tirelessly to execute a highly disciplined process in order to maximize shareholder objectives.  Not only did Janes provide expert negotiating support but the team also devised a unique transaction structure, which overcame a potential deal breaker and created additional shareholder value.”

Max Dermond - Owner and Owner's Representative, Aero Precision Industries LLC

Note: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance or success.  These testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers.